Our new web site is live

Welcome!  If you are reading this, you already know this is live.  You may or may not know this design is entirely new thanks to OCPJ member and volunteer Matt Metzler.

We welcome your input. Some of the pages, such as Useful Links, are still under construction and contain information from our old site as place holders.   What organizations would you like us to include in our links?  What types of information would you like to see?  I hope to expand our history to include more of OCPJ’s amazing story.  Right now my ideas for the page do not align with my technological skills, and if you have ideas and/or technological skills please let us know.

Members have asked us to make it easier to join or donate to OCPJ by creating online payment options.  We have done that.  Check out the Get Involved and Bloom Peace Education Fund menus for more information and options.

Once upon a time Miami University had a public radio station and our members gave commentaries on peace and justice issues in the community and beyond.  The Internet provides the most democratic “air wave” these days, and the people’s media is often the most informative.  Stay tuned.

Janis Dutton

Oxford Citizens for Peace and Justice