Share Bread not Bombs 2023!

Bread not Bombs 2023 brought us together again!

For the 37th time, we gathered in community on Saturday, November 4 in the Undercroft at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Oxford. We switched to a potluck format but welcomed everyone, whether or not they brought a dish, and had plenty of delicious food! In solidarity with workers, our menu included our tradition of beans and rice and bread. Peter Carels and 5 friends of OGADE Drum Group accompanied our spirited exchange.

We recognized the decades of committed activism of our two Peace & Justice Award winners, Kathy McMahon-Klosterman and Vanessa Cummings. Each of them continues to work tirelessly for justice, equity and inclusion of all members of our community. Last year’s P&J winner, Shana Rosenberg, updated us on the progress of Thread Up! Oxford, and we shared the call for attending the December 15 meeting of Miami’s Board of Trustees from last year’s other P&J recipient, Chantel Raghu. Vice-Mayor Raghu is calling on Miami University to cover the costs of Oxford providing EMS and fire services to Miami’s campus. Friends and community members socialized and spoke out about local justice concerns, including gun violence, and the need to support local unions, and groups like Democratic Socialists of America.

This year’s dinner received considerable support from the community, including donations of coffee from Thurstons’ Oxford Coffee Company; condiments and foodstuffs from MOON Co-Op; and bottled water from Rev. Beverly A. Simmons and God’s House of Praise & Worship. Representatives of our host, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Rev. Julie Blake Fisher and Rev. Kip Colegrove, joined us for the fun. As always, the event could not have happened without the committed volunteers and Board members of OCPJ: Margarette Beckwith, Kathie Brinkman, Susan Callan, Barbara Ann Caruso, Marilyn Elzey, Ann Fuehrer, Andy Garrison, Ann Geddes, James Klosterman, Pat Meade, Mary Rezaian, Linda Simmons, Jerry Stanley, and Josette Stanley. Photos provided by Mary Rezaian and Margarette Beckwith.

Looking forward to seeing you for the 38th time in 2024!