Purpose and Principles

Purpose: Oxford Citizens for Peace and Justice will educate and act locally to organize a citizen’s movement with the sustained political power and understanding to construct a world of peace with social, economic, and environmental justice.

Education and action by Oxford Citizens for Peace and Justice is guided by these principles:

• All people deserve the right to just treatment and equitable treatment within societies, regardless of religion, ethnicity, culture, national origin, language, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or political beliefs.

• Basic human needs, including health & education, are a public responsibility.

• Corporations are not persons. Money is not speech.

• Peace and security is based on economic, environmental, and social justice.

• U.S. foreign policy should be based on non-coercive relationships and respect for the right of self-determination.

• Human rights abuses should be addressed through international cooperation rather than unilateral force.

• All human planning and activity should seek to preserve and restore soil, air, water and the diversity of organisms.

• Democracy requires the individual and collective voices of informed and responsible persons.