Become an OCPJ Member.

Those interested in peace and justice issues are encouraged to become members of Oxford Citizens for Peace and Justice. Members are welcome to join our listserv where we all share important news and action alerts, and engage in lively discussions. You are also encouraged to share your time, ideas, and talents with the organization.

Please consider a membership contribution based on your economic position starting with:

Individual  $30;  Household  $50;  Sustaining  $100;  Patron  $150;  Limited Income  $5

I can give a little (or a lot) more: $_______      I will need to give a little less: $________

The Patron level compares to a little more than $12/month, Sustaining $8/month, Household $4/month, and Individual $2.50/month.  Contributions of any amount from those on limited income are always appreciated.

Please consider also donating to the Bloom Peace Education Fund. The fund helps update and support larger projects of the Peace & Justice Resource Center, as well as provides grants to students and others to support educational peace and justice projects taking place in, or originating in, the Oxford/Miami University area.

You can pay online using a credit or debit card (PayPal account not needed) or print out and mail the form below.

In addition to your moral and financial support there are many ways you can be involved:

Action/Education: Of the issues we are currently working what are you especially interested in?  Are there others you can help educate our members on?  Short-term projects: Can you help OCPJ function by helping with our annual Bread Not Bombs Dinner, summer Yard Sale, or other program event? Office/library/computer: Are you willing to help out in the Resource Center with writing, or library/archive  work?  Fundraising: Are you good at finding grant sources and writing grants? Planning: Would you like to become involved in determining our focus and activities?

Member Levels
Amount for Bloom Fund
Member Name(s)
Current email(s) for listserv

Print a copy of the membership form, available at:  file:///Users/ann/Desktop/OCPJ%20Membership%20form%202024.html

Mail it with your check to:

Oxford Citizens for Peace and Justice
16 S. Campus Avenue
Oxford, OH 45056