Robert E. Strippel Memorial Continuing Dialogue on Justice and Human Rights–Our government is broken because the system is fixed: Creating a real democracy movement

February 9, 2015 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Heritage Room Shriver Center Miami University

Greg Coleridge, Director, Justice and Empowerment Program, Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee
Citizens across the nation are educating, advocating, and organizing to (re)create an authentic political and economic democracy. Among this multi-issued and strategically diverse movement is the ever growing effort to amend the US Constitution to declare that only human beings, not corporate entities possess inalienable rights and that political money is not equal to free speech, which would reduce political and electoral corruption and end the authority of corporations to usurp democratically enacted laws, and regulations.

Sponsored by the Robert E. Strippel Memorial Continuing Dialogue for Justice and Human Rights and the Center for American and World Cultures, with support from the American Studies Program, , the Department of Geography, the Department of Sociology and Gerontology, the Oxford Citizens for Peace and Justice, Oxford Friends, and the Western Program.

Greg Coleridge is a collective member of POCLAD (Program on Corporations Law and Democracy) and the principal author of Citizens Over Corporations and an original Move to Amend national steering committee member. He is author of Citizens over Corporations: A Brief History of Democracy in Ohio and Challenges to Freedom in the Future, writer of the documentary CorpOrNation – The Story of Citizens and Corporations in Ohio, and contributor of several articles to the anthology Defying Corporations, Defining Democracy – A Book of History and Strategy. Coleridge is the recipient of the 1998 national Common Cause Public Service Achievement Award.