Useful links about Native American sports mascots

Letter from Daryl Baldwin of the Myammia Center

Native American Rights Fund letter to Talawanda School District re: Braves Mascot

Resolutions by agencies and other groups:

Statement of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights on the Use of Native American Images and Nicknames as Sports Symbols

National Indian Education Association Resolution: Support for Elimination of Race-Based Native Logos, Mascots and Names

Summary of the APA Resolution Recommending Retirement of American Indian Mascots

Statement by the Council of the American Sociological Association on Discontinuing the Use of Native American Nicknames, Logos and Mascots in Sport

Resolution: Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry (EONM)

Voices of the people:

How to Argue Against Racist Mascots

FAQS about the institutionalized use of “Indian” sports team tokens

Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry website

Native Americans Look At Confederate Flag Controversy And Ask: What About ‘Redskins’ And Other Racist Symbols?

Your “Tradition” Is My Pain: How Race-Based Mascots Inflict Real Harm On Native Americans

I am not a mascot (video)

Some academic studies:

The Harmful Psychological Effects of the Washington Football Mascot

Missing the Point The Real Impact of Native Mascots and Team Names on American Indian and Alaska Native Youth

The Deculturalization of Indigenous Mascots in U.S. Sports Culture

Do American Indian Mascots = American Indian People? Examining Implicit Bias Towards American Indian People and American Indian Mascots

A legal ruling:

Why race-based school mascots are not a First Amendment issue